The brand Switz comes from the world’s largest producer of samosa leaves. Switz Samosa Leaves, also known as ready-to-use samosa pattis, are available at most stores to help you assemble this snack quickly.
Switz Spring Roll is easy to use and provides you with super crispy and less oily spring rolls. Since the sheets are thin, it is all the more important to be careful not to tear it during the preparation of the rolls.
Switz Puff Parathas are made with the highest quality ingredients through a specialized layering process that makes them truly fluffy and flaky. These buttery-soft parathas are easy to use (thanks to a separator between each sheets), easily foldable, easy to tear and are guaranteed to melt in your mouth


Samosa sheets, spring roll sheets, puff pastry, paratha


Samosa: 250g, 500g, 1kg
Spring roll: 275g, 550g
Paratha: 400g
Puff pastry: 400g