We aim to make a difference through our positive involvement in the communities where we live and do business, demonstrating through our actions that we are sensitive to health or environmental issues among others and that we work to be part of finding a sustainable solution.

June 2020

Let’s clean our Oceans

As part of our environmentally conscious and sustainability initiative, Quality Beverages Ltd is proud to partner with Precious Plastic Mauritius to tackle the problem of plastic pollution on our beaches. Precious Plastic Mauritius is a grassroots initiative that started in Blue Bay and aims to save our Ocean from Plastic Pollution by organizing a series of activities to create life long behavioral changes in regards to plastic pollution

August 2019

Teaming up in the Eco-Fight

At Quality Beverages we are are environmentally-conscious in the production and
distribution of our products. We believe in the 3 Rs: RECYCLING, REUSING AND REDUCING.
That is why we are committed to educate children in these responsible practices.
To this end, we are proud to be the main sponsor of the Eco-Warriors mobile game
launched in September 2019 under the patronage of UNESCO.

July 2019

Jeux des îles de l’océan Indien 2019

Quality Beverages Ltd has always promoted a Healthy Lifestyle through sporting activities.
For this reason, we are proud to be the 1st sponsor of Jeux des îles de l’océan Indien (JIOI) 2019.
Through this sponsorship, we are committed to promote sports and make the Island Games a success.







June 2019

Planting activity of endemic plants at Ile-Aux-Aigrettes

Quality Beverages Ltd. and Margarine Industries Ltd. conducted their
first-ever planting activity of endemic plants at Ile-Aux-Aigrettes on Monday, 24th June
2019, incorporating the theme “Our drop for a more sustainable future” as part of the
organisations’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that ensures our way of giving back
to the community and to the environment. The activity was attended by over 45 employees
from both companies.

November 2018

Blood Donation: Every drop counts

Quality Beverages Ltd organized a blood donation drive in collaboration with the Mauritius Blood Donors Association
on Tuesday, 13th November 2018 as part of its community engagement programmes.

The enthusiasm and selflessness of the team was evident through the smiles on all the faces and in particular
first-time donors who were excited to provide this amazing service to mankind.




blood donors


pints of blood collected

October 2018

Clean up of the Riviere Seche in Belle Rose

As part of our sustainability initiatives, a river-clean up activity was scheduled on Thursday, 25th October 2018.
This initiative is aimed to endeavor collaborative efforts to engage communities, as well as promoting
and creating ongoing awareness and education on protecting our water resources/ rivers.

This activity enhanced team spirit with a strong sense of duty to keep our surroundings safe and clean.
Moreover, it was wonderful to see that our riverside, had been restored to a site of beauty.






bags of debris collected

March 2018

Marketing Impact Team (MIT)

During March 2018, we created a Marketing Impact Team which visited
our clients’ stores across the country with the objective of enhancing
our different products and brand visibility.

This effort was also the perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships
with our clients and bring employees together from different departments.



employees involved




routes covered

March 2018

50 years of independence!

On Friday 9th of March 2018, the employees of Quality Beverages
gathered at the front of the offices of Belle Rose to join in
the celebrations of the 50 years of independence of Mauritius.

The ceremony included the raising of the flag, a speech from the
directors, as well as snacks and beverages for all employees.


years of independence


+ years of operation


year of esablishment

December 2017

Mwa Mo Kontan Lari Bourbon

We are proud to announce that Pepsi was one of the official partners
of the Porlwi by Nature festival  in 2017, bringing you a unique experience
at the Bourbon St with Mwa mo kontan lari Bourbon.

During this event, Porlwi showcased the local talent and creativity of our artists,
the adeptness of our craftsmen and the expertise of our engineers and technicians.

Contribution #5


Quality Beverages has implemented a paper reduction program based on the 3 Rs:

(1) Reducing our paper consumption by limiting the amount of paper purchased,
(2) Reusing scrapped paper by placing trays next to copiers and printers for easy access,
and (3) Recycling paper that has been used and switching to buying recycled paper.


Commitment #4


At Quality Beverages we believe that what you drink is just as important as what you do
and we acknowledge that the first step towards good health is a healthy and active lifestyle.

For this reason, we have partnered with the Mauritius Sports Council (MSC),
the Mauritius Athletics Association (MAA),
and the Mauritius Tennis Federation (MTF) in order to promote healthy
lifestyle choices through different types of sports (swimming, athletics, football, tennis, etc.).


football matches / season


swimming courses


cross country leagues


A4 Paper across the company


A4 reduction since Jul 16


new recycling bins

Commitment #3


Quality Beverages aims to minimize pollution and the need for landfills
by (1) Recycling plastic (PET) and Glass bottles through selected partners,
(2) Reducing the amount of plastic used in our PET bottles through light weighting,
(3) Reusing and Reducing the reject rate of Polycarbonate bottles,
and (4) Reducing the disposal of plastic containers and bags.

Other initiatives include working with garden centers and schools
through the transformation of Polycarbonate bottles into flower pots.



PET bottles recycled / year


% polycarbonate bottles to be reused


% less plastic in water bottles and 96 tons PET saved in 2016

Commitment #2

Reducing our carbon footprint

At Quality Beverages we have implemented a series of environmentally-conscious
initiatives in order to reduce our carbon footprint, which include:

Reducing the furnace oil consumption in our factory
and therefore releasing less gas impurities into the atmosphere.
Shifting to the provision of CO2 manufactured from bioethanol.
Reducing our petrol consumption by optimizing our route planning.     


% reduction of oil


% less C02 emissions bioethanol


% reduction of petrol

Commitment #1


Quality Beverages has implemented an initiative which involves storing the backwash water
and allowing it to be reused internally for applications such as washrooms and yard cleaning.

This is an opportunity to reduce water consumption and costs,
with a consequent reduction in waste water volumes.



m³ of water consumption reduced in 2016


% reduction in water consumption 2016


m³ of water reused / year