Special Offer: Lavazza Gift Box

2 packs of Lavazza gound coffee 250g
+ One French Press

Each box contains a mix of two flavours (Caffé Espresso, Bel Canto, Qualità Oro, Qualità Rossa or Crema e Gusto) and One French Press.

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Caffè Espresso

The best fragrance for those who love the pure pleasure of espresso.
Taste: fragrant, aromatic. Use: ideal for espresso and “long coffee”.

Bel Canto

The sweetness of Latin American arabicas and the intensity of arabicas, especially from Asia, are combined with Lavazza experts know-how to offer a rich taste, with dried fruit aromas.

Qualità Oro

The excellence of Qualità Oro has been preserved for four generations. A selection of the finest 100% Arabica beans, mainly from Latin America, with an unmistakable flavour and hints of malt and honey. Fruity and aromatic, this blend is perfect for the true coffee connoisseurs, for those who love to savour a premium blend daily.

Qualità Rossa

For this carefully selected blend, Lavazza’s experts combine Brazilian Arabica beans for body and sweetness with African and South East Asian Robusta beans for intensity and warm notes of cocoa. The result is a richly flavoured coffee, ideal for those who want to get off to a great and energetic start of the day.

Crema e Gusto

Lavazza Crema e Gusto is a coffee with a distinctive character: the perfect combination of intense aroma and full-bodied taste. It consists of a selection of high quality Arabica and Robusta beans with a fragrant flavour and a pleasant chocolatey finish. The ideal for those who want to enjoy an intense taste experience any time of the day.